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(Class IV)

After the 1980 eruption of Mount St. Helens the Toutle River was filled with enough volcanic silt that the river bed is still changing to this day. Come experience the incredible Class III and Class IV rapids near Castle Rock, WA in the shadow of Mt. St. Helens. When you are looking for early season rafting near Portland or Tacoma this is your river. Book a trip today or contact Wildwater River Guides with questions.

The Seattle river rafters know they can count on the Toutle to deliver big hits at the start of the rafting season. Early Class III+ rapids like "Stairsteps" and "Tempest in a Teapot" take you between basalt walls and enormous boulders, but can't compare to the Class IV Hollywood Gorge. With huge waves and bottomless holes the historic Toutle should be on your list when you are looking for rafting near Seattle, Tacoma or Portland.

Toutle River Whitewater Rafting near Portland and Tacoma

A Historic Raft Trip near Seattle

Raft the Toutle River with Wildwater

The rumbling rapids and craggy scenery of the Toutle are incredible, but the muddy brown water means it is important to have an experienced guide. All of the full time staff at Wildwater River Guides have a Swiftwater Rescue Certification and experience with the newest rescue and raft guiding techniques. Combined with the latest rafting equipment and protective gear for our clients we think about safety so you can focus on fun. Book a trip with Wildwater today! We also offer Toutle River kayak trips. For more information on private kayak tours on the Toutle contact Wildwater River Guides.

Season: March - May    4-5 Hour Adventure     Price: $89/p      Age Requirement: 16 years old




Take I-5 to Castle Rock

Address: Riverview Drive & Tower Road, Castle Rock, WA 98611

•Take exit 49, Highway 504 East for 2 miles.

• Turn left onto Tower Rd. at Chevron Gas Station/Grocery.

• Go 3 miles to the Toutle River Bridge.

• Look for a  Wildwater Guides vehicle at Tower Road Bridge.

If lost, call 509-470-8558.

In addition to the directions provided, Wildwater strongly suggests using a Washington State highway map or searching the address provided above in Google Maps for extra directions.

Driving times:

From Seattle, WA. approx. 3 hours.

From Tacoma, WA. approx. 2 hours.

From Portland, OR. approx. 1¼ hours.


Meet at rendezvous.

1. Park cars. 2. Check in. Read through and sign participation waiver. 3. Receive the gear you will need for your river trip, change, and use your vehicle as a personal locker. 4. Ride the shuttle vehicle to the put-in/launch site. 5. Participate in a Guide Trip Talk. 6. Break into raft groups; meet your individual guide. 7. Go through basic river rafting instruction. 8. Raft river. 9. Take-out, change into dry clothing and return river gear you used to Wildwater Staff.

What You'll Need

We supply all of  the river  equipment  that you will need, including a sleeveless wetsuit, neoprene booties for your feet, a helmet, and a PFD (personal floatation device). *Cold Spring days a splash jacket can also be provided upon request.

For this river trip we suggest you bring:

• Swimsuit or swim trunks to wear under the wetsuit provided.

• Sunglasses with croakie attachment.

• If you are worried about getting cold on the trip you can bring extra layers. Fleece, wool, and polypropylene materials work best. Avoid anything made of cotton.

Feel free to call us with any questions:

1-800-522-WILD (9453)  •  1-509-470-8558.

When you make a reservation with Wildwater River Guides, we hold those raft seats, kayaks,or SUPs for you on that trip date and time. We may have to turn away others from that particular trip date. If you decide to cancel, it is difficult for us to book someone else on that trip, especially if cancellations are made on short notice.




7+ days prior to the trip date you will receive 100% refund.

Minus $10 per person to cover fees and processing.


Within the 7 days no refunds will be given.


No exceptions for sickness, personal emergencies or No Shows!


NOTE: You may substitute another person at any time without a penalty.


Trips go out rain or shine.