December 8th, 2020

Nooksack Eagle Floats

Our friends at River Dog Outfitters are offering Bald Eagle trips on the Wild and Scenic North Fork of Nooksack river this winter. This is a great way to get outside and experience one of the largest gathering of Bald Eagles in North America.

This trip is not your average eagle float! Due to the dynamic character of the Nooksack river guest need to be agile enough to step in and out of the raft potentially several times throughout the trip to navigate around river debris, be confident walking in shallow moving water as well as scrambling down the river bank at the put in!

This section of the Nooksack has stretches of mild whitewater but in the hands of RDO you can sit back and relax! We provide low profile personal floatation devices for you to wear! Our guides are all swift water rescue trained as well as CPR certified along with several years of commercial whitewater raft guiding to make your experience stress free!

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Nooksack Eagle Floats - image

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