February 19th, 2016

We will have water!!

As I sit at my desk and look out the office window I smile while gazing upon the three to four feet of snow that is still hanging around Wildwater Headquarters. I’d be lying if I said that the sight of snow doesn’t help me breathe a sigh of relief after last years difficult drought-pocalypse.

Luckily we had the pleasure of hosting very optimistic rafting guests. We thank you for helping us by feeding off our glass half-full mentality. We were all out there to enjoy the outdoors, to raft, sup or kayak on the river together - to not take anything for granted. Life is too short.

We will have water!! - image
Sometimes it's all about improvising. Slip n' slide games with a youth group on the Wenatchee River in late July.

This season is shaping up to be much more like the years before last, with high recorded snowpack and great precipitation averages throughout the state. We will have water!!

We’re looking forward to the potential for a Green River season, to the Skykomish River running longer than two months and to the distant remembrance of “the low water blues”. We will have water!!

With March less than two weeks away Team Wildwater is getting really excited for the season - in our opinion April 1st can’t come soon enough!

We will have water!! - image
Hiking along the Wenatchee River with Rio & Kato

The Winter months have been great with staff spending time working and adventuring at local ski resorts, working in various classrooms across the state, teaching high school students how to drive, fishing, hiking, boating, and vacationing. With that said, we all have the same thing on our minds - the river season ahead. We will have water!!

We will have water!! - image
River Guide Neils H running Limpwrist Falls on the Snoqualmie River. Photo Credit: River Guide Andy L.

Now is the time to get your name on the waiting list for the Green River. Now is the time to start planning your river trips. Start reaching out to your friends and family members because WE WILL HAVE WATER!! =)

We will have water!! - image
A fun (yet scary) comparison photo that shows what the snowpack looked like in 2015.
We will have water!! - image
Snowpack for 2016.

Stay tuned for our newly updated Frequent Paddler Program that we plan to announce next month. Who doesn’t love a little extra incentive to raft as many rivers as possible in the season?

If you take anything away from this blog post it should be this: WE WILL HAVE WATER!!! So give me a call in the office (800.522.WILD) or send me an email.

Let’s get to work planning what will be your most memorable adventure for 2016!


Justine B.

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